What Makes A Function Room Suitable For A Wedding


You will need to put a lot of thought into your wedding since it is one of the most important moments of your life. Choosing the venue for the wedding reception is something that you can’t leave until the last minute, so start looking for the right room as soon as you get engaged.

There are several qualities which you will need to consider when you are choosing the perfect function room for the wedding.

The Cost

People spent thousands of dollars on their wedding and they want to make sure that they are going to get their money’s worth. If the room is too costly, this will eat into the budget for the rest of the wedding. You might have to downgrade your dress or your honeymoon if the room is extremely expensive.

However, don’t let this worry you. There are dozens of cost-effective conference venues in Perth which will act as the perfect reception venue. You will be able to compare the cost of each one and then make an informed decision.

The Setting

The surroundings are just as important as the room itself. Make sure to think about where you want your reception to take place. If you hold the reception in a country estate, your guests will be able to wander the grounds and explore the wonderful scenery. If you have the reception at a five-star hotel, the guests will be able to take advantage of the perks there such as the pool and massages.

The Size

You will need to consider the size of the venue when you are planning the reception. Having lots of space for all the guests will make everyone feel happier and much more comfortable. They will be able to relax and enjoy the whole reception without feeling like they do not have enough room to sit comfortably or dance.

The Stage

A stage is a good idea if people want to make speeches. Various people can get up and toast the bride and the groom. Everyone in the room will be able to see the speaker if they are standing on a stage. The stage could be fitted with a stand and a microphone so that the speakers can look at their notes and be heard clearly by everyone in the room.

The stage can also be used by the band when they begin their performance later in the evening. Using a stage creates some space between the guests and the performers so that there is plenty of room for people to play and dance without knocking into each other.

The Lighting

The lighting is important in any function room. If the room is too dark and dingy, then guests will not be able to enjoy themselves. Choose a room which has natural light from outside as well as electrical lighting.

When you are choosing a function room for the wedding, make sure to take all of these considerations into account.