Tips to Have a Beautiful Rustic Wedding


If you’re planning a wedding, but still unsure what the theme should be, you should consider a rustic-themed wedding. However, to get started, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Here are some of our top recommended tips to have a successful rustic wedding!

Pick a Barn Venue

Picking a location or venue is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding.

To pick the perfect wedding venue for your rustic-themed wedding, you should consider using a barn, since they have well rustic themes in a natural environment.

Add Some Props

You should consider using burlap sacks, apple crates, tree logs, candles, and hay bales as props for your rustic wedding.

Plus, one of the best things about using these props, is that you can all find them in a barn, to begin with, meaning you’ll end up spending less money on your big day.

Or, you can always easily find them at charity shops and flea markets for finding them for cheap. However, you can always hire a wedding company to stock your wedding with these rustic props to make your wedding environment feel more “real.”

Be Less Formal

Rustic weddings seem more relaxed and a lot more fun than traditional weddings. Instead of planning for a three-course meal, you can barbeque food outdoors instead.

Or, for dessert, you can serve a few different cakes, rather than the traditional wedding cake.

Add a Twinkle

To add a twinkle and romantic touch to your rustic wedding, you should consider adding fairy lights and string them across the ceiling of the venue.

Twinkle lights draping across the top of the barn or draped across the walls can add more light and atmosphere to your venue.

Use Natural Furnishings

The finish of your rustic wedding should be neutral and natural in colors, such as creams, greens, and browns. However, you don’t need to think about covering chairs or using tablecloths as wedding décor.

Instead, you should use the natural appearance of wooden chairs for your rustic wedding. You can even consider using lace runners or burlap on tables for a more natural look.

Connect Your Theme to Every Element

You should consider connecting your theme to every element of your wedding. For example, using floral centerpieces, lace-style cake, or wildflowers as rustic wedding table decorations would be beautiful.

However, don’t forget to go with rustic clothes as well. You should consider going with a lace-style dress and go with a less-formal suit with tweed.

Offer Guests Homemade Favors

Your rustic wedding should use natural-styled attributes, so why shouldn’t you integrate this into your wedding favors too?

For example, you can use homemade wedding favors, like honey, sweets, or homemade jam. However, you should also consider, serving cheesecake in a jar, hot chocolate, or marshmallow jam kit if you’re having a winter rustic-themed wedding.

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you should keep a few things in mind, such as adding natural furnishings, offering guests homemade favors, picking a barn venue, and being overall less formal.

Although planning a wedding can be a lot of hard work, these tips should help style your wedding for a rustic theme.