Tips for Choosing the Right Pomade Hair Type: Curly, Straight and Wavy


Especially young people use hair oil pomade as one of the options for styling his hair in accordance with the style and present trend. At present pomade’s popularity is skyrocketed especially among men. Pomade is preferred because it can make hair become neat, shiny, and stiff. But remember not all pomade match with your hair.  Choosing the right pomade for hair is one good step to get hair health.

 In addition to stylish aspect it offers, the health condition of your hair will not be disturbed. What if your hair curly, wave and straight?  Have a look at all the choices for the pomade to be selected depending on the hair types.

Choosing Pomade In accordance with the Type of Hair

  1. Pomade is Suitable for Wavy Hair

If your hair condition is wavy and want to be straight you can use pomades. The hair style with wavy style will also be better and look natural.Wavyhair has the advantage in terms of thicker volume of hair.  You can use water based pomade (water based) with light hold (light). In general, wavy hair is thicker and easier to form.

  1. Pomade is Suitable for Curly Hair

 If your hair is curly, should be more grateful. Because curly hair more volume, so you can arrange for round shape, box or other hairstyle shape.  It is recommended that your hairstyle use water-based pomade sufficiently with light hold for your curly hair. If you can set well with curly hair style will be more unique and interesting.

  1. Pomade that is Suitable for Straight Hair

The condition of straight hair is divided into 3 sections depending on the length:straight short, medium and long. If your hair is straight short, use water-based pomade (water-based) with a lighter hold style. Functions make your hair more shiny and easy to clean.  It is advised to condition straight hair using pomade which is either water based or mixed based (based on water and oil). If you have Long straight hair, then use pomadeswhich are oil based because the adhesive power of pomade water based and mixed based not necessarily able to keep your hairstyle will last long.

Pomade Buying Tips

There are so many types of pomade circulating in the market that confuse the costumer to choose the right pomade and suitable for hair. If you choose imported pomade of course you have to spend a decent amount of money. But be assured that the results will be excellent. While for local pomade the price is affordable but the quality is also not much inferior to imported ones.  Advice from experts is to buy pomade according to your taste. Besides you must pay attention to the usage and specification of pomade, is suitable for your hair. Pomadesalso can be bought at beauty store, big online store and trusted nearby barber shop. An also go through the genuine reviews at several websites that sell products. Users with different experience share their views which can be useful for deciding the brand and one for your hair.