Tips For Choosing the Best Hairstyle That Fits Your Face Shape


You have to choose a hairstyle that will match the contour of your face. Certainly, the incompatibility will not look good on you. The best option is to consult an experienced hairdresser. This expert can tell you the style that suits your face. There is a basic rule in hairdressing regarding facial forms for Haircut Alexandria. The oval face is the most ideal form of the human eye. This should serve as a guide for you and a hairdresser. Here are some tips that can help choose the Best haircuts Alexandria when you go to Alexandria.

The oval is the right shape so you can get away with any cut. You can go for a well cropped that looks better on lean faces. However, be careful with a short look especially if your scalp does not have a flawless form. It may look very short look may look distorted.

For round faces, you can choose various hair styles such as layers that are cut on both sides of the cheeks. These are more convenient than flat, straight and smooth patterns. The layers that fall around the bones of the cheeks will make the face look thin. The hair at the top gives you a hardened shape and extends your round face. If you have a spherically shaped neck, uneven layers around your neck will mask obesity. You can also choose the bangs that slide close to your face.

If you have a long face, your goal is to give it a shorter look. This can be made possible by choosing sheer fringes and jaw-length hairHYPERLINK “”cuts. Avoid long, inconsistent haircuts or straight and bobbed fashion that will make your face look elongated.

If you are blessed with a square face, stay away from haircuts that will draw attention to the four-sided shape. Smooth curves will turn down into a square shape with soft bangs. Avoid rounded shapes and solid lines that can only magnify the square shape.

If your face swings at the base and appears wide at the crown, you need to hide the hairline with the layered bangs and the broken way that flips on the edges. If your hair bends outward instead of turning inward, it will look better. This method balances the shape by adding the volume level below your chin. If your face is an inverted heart shape, there should be obesity on your head to match the jaw.

A lot of people prefer popular universal haircuts that extends to the shoulder with thin layers and long bangs that are described as sweeping aside. This hairstyle is said to be suitable for all ages, hair types and facial shape. It brings about a simple stylish look. There is nothing wrong to try it out and other Haircuts In Alexandria VA that will be perfect for you.