Tips For Choosing A Wedding Date


After all the excitement of your engagement calms down, the next and most important step is to decide on your wedding date. Photography plays a huge role in choosing what season you should get married in, especially because your photographs will be one of the only things you have to look back on after your special day is over.

Asking an experienced photographer can give you some great insight into which season would be best for you. Toronto photography studio, Mango Studios has experience shooting in all seasons and weather conditions. They gave some great pointers about the benefits of each season from a photographer’s perspective.

Spring is one of the most perfect seasons for your wedding, if not only for cherry blossom season. After a long winter, everyone looks forward to spring with all of the fresh colours and warmer temperatures which provide a romantic backdrop to your photography. Though temperatures warm up in the spring, they are still cool enough for you to be decked out in your suits and gowns without working up a sweat. This is ideal for your photography session, as it allows you to feel more comfortable and natural in front of your photographer.

Summer is by far the most popular season of choice, despite the scorching temperatures. It brings long days and warm nights which make it perfect for scheduling all your photography needs. With about 9 hours of daylight on an average summer day, your photographer has plenty of time to plan out each of your must have photographs. The only downside that your photographer might bring up is the harsh direct sun throughout most of the day. A simple solution to get the best wedding photography is to schedule your photo-sessions later in the day when the sun is low, or have your photographer scout for shady locations.

The best thing about fall is all the colours it brings. It can inspire the whole theme, colour palette, and even the menu for your wedding day. Mix that with cooler temperatures and overcast weather and you have dream conditions for any wedding photographer to shoot in. Though fall weather can be a little unpredictable, if you come prepared for rain or shine, your photographer will be able to capture your happiest moments in the most flattering light. With the right photography location, you will be surrounded by all the changing colours that (even years later while looking through photographs) will always remind you of your special day.

Winter may seem like a scary time of year for your wedding photography with the unpredictability of snow and freezing temperatures, but you could be in for a winter wonderland that would result in spectacular photographs. Lighting is key to any wedding photography coverage and winter brings lots of soft overcast light which is the most flattering light to shoot in – perfect for your photography! If you are lucky enough to have snow fall on your wedding day, your photography session will be a magical time that you and your partner will always remember.

If you’re still undecided, try asking an experienced wedding planner or photographer for their opinions because they have no doubt seen everything. Also remember that no matter what date you choose, your wedding day will always be special to you.