The Zurich Film Festival Carpet is looking greener than ever!


The Zurich Film Festival’s 12th edition was a resounding success across the board, this year it attracted almost 90,500 viewers. The magical award night brought again numerous celebrities and the Swiss green carpet saw iconic stars on it, from Uma Thurman and Daniel Radcliffe to the handsome Hugh Grant.

These celebrities didn’t just bring glamour, they also sparked inspiration for those stars yet to be discovered. A whole new generation of talented producers were empowered with the aspirational words from Lorenzo di Bonaventura; the American film producer, well-known for his many blockbuster productions such as Constantine and Transformers.

Bonaventura was honored with the Career Achievement Award during the gala premiere of “Deepwater Horizon”, his most recent work. — “Every day is a rejection day, the magic is, be passionate enough to hear and keep fighting for your dreams. If you believe in it enough, your passion will come true”, he stated.

The magnificent event host and co-director Nadja Schildknecht, also expressed her satisfaction and was delighted with the international critic’s reviews, which confirms the tremendous success from Zurich Film Festival.

Many contributors from this exclusive event defined their experience. Suelle Harts metaphorised the event as the awaken aurora. Just as in poetry, the aurora rises in the morning light illuminating the sky, and this is what the Zurich Film Festival did on that night. The festival gathered together future talents and many well-known stars all in one room to be seen by others, to shine and inspire everyone who attended.

Many guests and contributors continued to attend the festival until the very last day. The superb late-summer weather with its beautiful sunset added a great vibe to the relaxed festival atmosphere. Until then, we rejoice the new memories and we cannot wait to see each other again at the 13th Zurich Film Festival edition.