My Designer Wardrobe Secret


If you love designer clothing but can’t afford to pay the designer prices at the store or online, there is a solution. It takes patience and a bit of luck (you will not find the perfect outfit available in all sizes or colors) but the thrill of finding a gem in your exact size is always worth the hunt.

Consignment stores often have designer clothing for sale, of course, because you know the merchandise they accept, the clothing should be decent quality. Consignment shops in nice, wealthy neighborhoods are often full of good finds. One can get lucky searching for designer consignment fashion at garage and yard sales, although the chance of finding a variety of sizes is slim. Neighborhood sales are an even better bet.

The best place to find pre-owned designer clothing (or non-designer clothing for that matter) is the charity store or online. Example charity stores include the Arc, Good Will, Salvation Army, a Veterans’ Group, thrift shops, etc. Whatever it’s called, be prepared for a lot of strenuous searching and digging before you finding your perfect designer piece. Maybe it is not on the rack today, but that’s why you have to become a regular. When you finally find it – a Pierre Cardin suit for a wedding for $12 that makes your husband look like a million dollars – or a Diane von Furstenberg dress with the tags still on it – your time will have been well invested.

Never be in a hurry to purchase that perfect designer handbag or article of clothing or you stand the chance of being disappointed when you cannot find the exact style/product. Be open-minded. If it is spring and you find a winter suit you love, buy it. Maybe you can’t wear it for a while, but it will be winter again, and you’ll be thrilled when you get the chance to finally show the outfit off.

I personally love to shop for pre owned designer clothing online. There are many sites available with a variety of designers and pricing options. Don’t settle for something you don’t really like, even if it is a great deal. Search for the piece of clothing or designer accessory that you really want. I have never been disappointed when shopping online.  If an article of clothing does not fit, you always have the option of returning the merchandise.

The best reason for shopping for second hand clothing is the money savings. The next best reason is the reusing of goods. We use far less resources buying used clothing than purchasing new. Now that you have found the diamond in the racks and racks of costume jewelry, here’s the biggest challenge: when someone compliments you on the exquisite piece of designer clothing you are wearing, can you thank them politely and move on as though dropping $200 on a shirt is normal for you? Or do you have to blurt out where you found it and that you paid $2?