Lip Piercing – what to expect


Lip piercing is perhaps one of the most trending lifestyles that most people have opted to adopt once they get to a certain age. Lip piercing jewelry is meant to enhance beauty or as a way of depicting one’s personality. There is a whole range of lip piercing jewelry to choose from based on shape, color, quality among other factors.
This is meant to address the tastes and preferences of various individuals who opt for lip piercing. Just like any other ornament or jewelry worn on one’s body, lip piercing jewelry enhances one’s appearance and makes them stand out from the rest too. Being unique is something that most individuals’ value and lip piercing jewelry form part of the accessories that help such achieve this.
The lip piercing procedure should be done by a knowledgeable person often known as a piercer. A knowledgeable piercer will advice you on the best jewelry to opt for, where it will fit best on either on your lips among other things. Over and above this, you need to have details of what to expect as you plan to get a lip piercing and they have been discussed below.
 Once the piercing on your lip(s) is done, expect to experience some bruising, swelling, light bleeding and some tenderness around the pierced area for the next 3 to 5 days.
 What follows after this is swelling combined with some whitish yellow secretion. This secretion is totally different from pus.
 Such piercings heal from outwards in and you should not assume you are good to go once the outside is healed. Hence, you need to give the inside of the pierced lip some time to heal too and during this period cleaning the area will be vital until complete healing is realized.
 Leaving the hole empty can cause a piercing on your lip to close in after a very short while. If you want to retain the piercing, you’ll need to have the jewelry on otherwise you will lose it as easily as the turning of time.
This is what you should expect once you opt to have a lip piercing but over and above this, the appeal that this carries once you add the jewelry on that lip is often irresistible, turning you into an admirable personality amongst various individuals. So, if you have desired to have one of these on you and have been wondering what will be the aftermath, well, there you have it. Go on and enhance your appearance just the way you want it, with any of the lip piercing jewelry options available.