How You Can Solve Your Bra Fitting Problems


Every woman has to wear one, but most aren’t wearing the right size, which can make a bra incredibly uncomfortable. There are a few common problems that a lot of women deal with, and addressing these issues can make it easier to find a bra that fits the way it is supposed to fit. If you are unable to find the right bra for you, then it’s best to work with a lingerie company that specialises in bra fittings and helping their customers find the right bra for their needs. You may find it of interest to see the common mistakes when fitting a bra.

The Back Keeps Rising

It’s essential that the back band on your bra remains parallel to the floor at all times, even though this may seem uncomfortable at first. It’s normal for bras to begin to fit incorrectly over time, either due to the band stretching out or because the woman gains or loses weight, but if the band is not parallel to the floor, then the whole bra will fit incorrectly.

The Gore Isn’t Flat against the Body

The gore is the part of the bra directly between the cups, and this should at all times remain flat against the body. If it is not lying on your chest, then there is a problem with the size of your bra. This could be because your cups are too small or the band is too big. You can tell what the problem is by paying attention to whether or not you see spillage from the cups.

You Have Strap Problems

After wearing a bra for a while, every woman will need to adjust the straps. If they are always slipping down over your shoulders, then the problem is that they are stretched out and need to be tightened. Of course, women with narrow shoulders may require a different style of bra, such as a racerback, which will keep the straps where they need to be. Straps that dig into the shoulders are incredibly uncomfortable and are a sure sign that your band is too big, as the straps should never really be in charge of supporting the weight of your breasts.

Get Professional Help

If you are at all unsure of what size bra you need to be wearing, then it is essential that you get professional help. Not only will you stop wasting money on bras that are the wrong size, but you will finally benefit from receiving the support and comfort that you need from your bra. The best place to get help with your bra is at a store that specialises in lingerie, such as Blossom Lingerie.

Finding the right bra doesn’t have to be a mystery, but it may take little extra help from a professional. If you are at all uncomfortable in the bra that you are currently wearing, then it is time to take control of your wardrobe and get a bra that will meet your needs. From cups that are too large or small to a bra with the wrong size of band, there are some common bra problems, but you no longer need to suffer through them.