How to Wear High Heels Without Pain


The right pair of heels can be paired with dirty ripped jeans and still turn heads with sophistication. Even though heels can be painful for beginners, more advanced high-heel wearers can experience pain but write it off as ‘beauty is pain.’ Thankfully, there’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too.

Knowing Your Foot Type and Size

There’s nothing worse than grabbing a pair of heels that would normally be your size and learning that they aren’t quite right for you. Even if you’ve had the same pair of size eight shoes for the past five years, that doesn’t mean that you’re still a size eight. Shoes stretch out over the years to adapt to their environment, and you could fluctuate in size fairly easily.

If you’ve had kids or a fluctuation in weight, chances are your shoe size has changed. Have your feet sized by a professional to learn what your true size is and if you’ll need a wide or not. Much like being sized for a bra, many people don’t know their proper size.

Knowing your foot type is also extremely important when choosing a pair of heels. Knowing how defined or undefined your arch is will help in choosing the right type of heel. Being flat footed or the owner of high-arched feet can seriously impact the type of heels you can comfortably wear. You can find out your arch style from home, but your podiatrist can also give you the correct information.

Thicker Heels Give More Stability

Sometimes people make sacrifices in order to look great for an event or the club. An outfit may call for wearing a killer pair of stilettos, but your feet aren’t quite prepared for it. There are plenty of thick Wittner Heels to help those who don’t want to wobble and irritate the bottoms of their feet all night.

Heels that are thicker allow your body weight to be dispersed more easily over your foot, easing the amount of pain. Pressure can also be relieved by choosing a pair of high heels with a thicker sole, to take the weight and properly offset it.

Over the Counter Products

We aren’t talking about taking something for the pain, we’re talking about inserts. There’s no shame in being comfortable in a great pair of high heels, but not everyone’s foot composition is made for a quality shoe. Sometimes shoe inserts are inevitable to help us absorb more of the pressure. If you find a cute pair of high heels that are comfortable otherwise, try a gel insert for more comfort.

Shoe inserts can also help prevent friction from taking over the bottoms of the feet and causing blisters. Blisters will unfortunately make it almost impossible to walk without pain, whether you’re wearing heels or flats.

Many women underestimate the power of a pair of heels. Without saying anything, a woman can assert her confidence silently with the right pair. Learning to walk comfortably in heels will allow you to assert dominance and take any situation head on while looking fantastic and sleek.