How to style your outfit with sneakers for the club for women


Do you have a thing for sneakers but wished you can wear it at night? You might have worn your Jordans and your Womens led shoes going to the gym or doing grocery shopping but haven’t tried clubbing on them. Your favorite celebs do this and can get away with their sneakers in leather tights and skinny jeans. You might not be invited in one of Coachella’s notorious after-parties but this does not stop you from be as fashionable and glam like them. Here are some trendy suggestions on how to style your outfit with your footwear when you go clubbing.

  1. Wear matching accessories with your sneakers.

If you use a myriad of colors when it comes to accessories, your outfit will look too loud and take off the focus from your look as a whole. It’s best to match your accessories with your footwear. Say, complement your red sneakers with red bangles or bracelets. You can also wear a red-strapped wrist watch so your look clothes, footwear and accessories will have harmony.

  1. Go for leather pants.

Whether you are just going out for some drinks or watching a mini concert in the club, you can look and feel hip by wearing black leather skinnies with sleeveless white shirt and an army jacket. This fashion style goes well with high-cut sneakers, say, your Jordans.

  1. Dress up in mini-skirts.

Flaunt those long-legs and swag with your LED sneakers by wearing leather mini-skirt, bold necklace and hair with some curls. An all black outfit is perfect for the evening and makes you look sassy and elegant while your LED sneakers will complement your attire. Of course, do not forget your favorite evening bag to complete the outfit.

  1. Tone down your look or make it loud.

If you want to look more formal and yet still look hip by wearing sneakers, you can go for the monochromatic look like a white pencil skirt or an attire in gray or earth color. Your choice of sneakers should also be the same in color with the clothes you intend to wear. Conversely, if you are the eclectic type, wear your sneakers loudly. Wear a vibrant dress to match your colorful sneakers and enjoy the night away in at your favorite club.

  1. Turn your formal silk dress into a fancy wear.

If you have been looking forward to wear your white silk dress but think it might be too elegant or formal to use in a club, match it with your trendy tennis shoes to do the trick. Style your hair the way you want, wear a little makeup and carry an interesting looking bag to make your sneakers work with your clothes.

  1. Dress down your suit.

Are you meeting up with your friends in a dressier club? A suit can be your choice of wear but stay away from gray or navy blue to avoid looking as if you just got off work. Go for a suit in bright cerulean blue. Next, complement it with a pair of clean, minimal sneakers and a fresh tee.

Creating your fashion statement is all about comfort and style. It is also how you feel about yourself. And yes, you can wear dress with sneakers even when you go to the club.