How to be a Scene girl


Scene girl is the pink haired woman wearing clothes from indie pop, emo or hip-hop culture. Scene girls have black hair in general with pink or purple streaks and bangs at a 45 degree angle. They wear big plastic jewelry and ballerina flats. The tees are simple and the dress is combined with white studded belts. The eye shadows are neon in color and the thick eyeliner gives an attractive view.

The culture of scene girl makeup began in the UK during the late 1990s and early 2000s. There was a great feel in Chav subculture people who began experimenting with the alternating fashion. Scene girl outfit ideas derived from grunge and skate punk fashion. Internet has been a great way to explore fashion, makeup and hair. You can see many videos on YouTube and other sources illustrating scene girl hair. Typical clothing for scene girls includes hoodies, tights, mini skirts, skinny jeans & different hair styles.

If you wish to become a scene girl, it will be necessary to wear awesome hair, bright clothing and some exclusive make over. Your wardrobe will be changed and you’ll truly appear as a glamorous in your own way.

Becoming a Scene Girl

1) Making the Scene

You should know exactly what you want to become. Most scene girls are hesitant to call themselves as ‘scene’. They are stylish and bubbly in their own way. Long hair with narrow fringes is their style tag. When you are at a party, show or club, the scene girls will be appearing as bold, confident (a bit over) and stunning in their own way. If you are uncomfortable with being too bold, it would be even better to be a shy scene girl.

2) Makeup

Bright makeover is very good for the scene girls. Scene girl makeup has to be very bright and catchy. You can wear any colored eye shadow to get a different look. Don’t get only black liner as there are blue, silver, green and many other colors available for scene beauties. Make a thick line for the eyeliner and you can even make some swings in the designs. Eye shadows and liners should match well with a lot of mascara for volume on the lids.

3) Hairstyle

Scene haircut has to be classy with bangs sweeping in front of your face. The hairs are dyed in multiple colors. Little girly clips, classy hair patterns and new styles are very interesting. Scene hair is amazing in all the aspects. You don’t need to have long hair for scenic beauty and can even turn your short hair into perfect bangs and get the best look. Choppy layers are the basic hair pattern of scene girls.

Scene girl hairstyles are always popular with most amazing bangs. You can do it in the simplest way to avoid going into extreme. Straight hair designs are always good for the scene girls. There are no curls or waves in the hair expected for scene beauties. Your bangs can be straight over your eyes or off to the sides. Sideburns are always a trend for scene girls. There are many different clips available in the market for scene girl hair. Coloring the hair black or blond would be your choice and including highlights with bright colors like red, purple, pink or maroon will be a good move.

4) Piercing

Piercing are always trendy. You will automatically love them if you are thinking to become scene beauty. Go for the piercing with beautiful designed jewelry items. You can either wear big ear pieces, small studs or nothing at all.

5) Clothing

For dressing like a scene girl, appropriate clothing is very essential. You need to adopt scene girl outfit to get the real feel of the girl. Wearing flats will be a great idea. Try some neon shoelaces, if you are wearing flat shoes or you can also get the base area of the shoe in the metallic tone. Skinny jeans  for slim girls look very cute and the idea of checkered, zebra, tiger or neon colored jeggings is great as well.

T-shirts have to be skin fit with fun sayings, cool stuff or cute monsters. Don’t buy black color as the scene is a mixture of black and neon shades. You have to add that extra bright stuff into your clothing. In the beginning, it will appear very indifferent, but sooner, you’ll start liking it on your own. Wear the clothes suiting your personality to the best. Branded tees will always be good for your choice. You can also make a mix and match of random T-shirts. Plain bold colored tees also look good. Some girls love cartoon characters and cute pictures on them.

Apart from clothing, bigger sized sunglasses are always impressive for scene girls. Horn-rimmed glasses or cop styled aviators are always trendy. Big necklaces and plastic jewelry are impressive. You can wear jewelry in a number of ways to look exclusive.

6) Get the Music

Listen to whatever your heart says. Scene culture mainly focuses on great music. Metal-core, Power-pop, Christcore, Dubstep, Electro, Pop-punk, Alternative and Indie music would be a plus. You can install various music programs and get the tracks of your favorite artists played with the best leads.

7) Lingo & Slangs: These are widely used by scene girls in their vocab.

8) Connect to social networks: Add many people on social networks and become ‘scene popular’.

9) Behave Nice & Have Fun: Be cool and nice to everyone you meet. Most of the scene girls are rude, but you could be different from being a cute teen leaving all the arrogance.

Scene VS Emo

There is only a little different between scene and emo. Generally, people can’t make the distinction very soon as scene and emo teens look almost the same. Scene kids are generally happy and lively. They have a love for music and are cheerful. Emo teens are mostly associated with music and could get depressed fast. Scene kids are strong and emos are very touchy.

Scene girls are enthusiastic and bright and emos are depressed and dark. This even shows up in their clothing and hair patterns.