Ensure That She Says “Yes” By Purchasing Her Dream Ring


There are a few times more exciting in your life than proposing to the girl you want to marry, but even if you are confident that she will say “yes,” it’s normal to be a little concerned about how the whole proposal will go. It’s normal for a man to want to do everything possible to ensure that he gets the answer that he wants, which is why so many people spend a long time planning the proposal, get friends and family involved, and agonise over the design of the ring. Even if you are confident that you can choose a ring she will love, there is one way to be sure that she gets her dream ring to wear for the rest of her life. Check out these celebrity engagement rings to get inspiration.

Bespoke Rings

A bespoke ring that has been custom-made to match your love’s jewellery choices will ensure that she loves the ring you give her. While most men have a vague idea of the kind of jewellery that their future fiancé wears, unless you are entirely sure of the design and style of ring that she wants, it can be easy to make a mistake when picking out a ring. This is why bespoke rings are such a great idea. However, if you want to propose with the ring in hand, this can make it tricky, as most of these rings aren’t made until after the proposal.

Making the Perfect Ring Together

Luckily, SW Jewellery has come up with a perfect new proposal concept that ensures that the proposal remains very romantic but still allows the woman to design her ring after the proposal. Instead of buying a ring that she will want to return or making her wait to pick out one out after the proposal, with this package you can propose with a beautiful diamond, any other precious stones you want to include in the ring, and a metal ingot, all wrapped in a small box. Also included in the box is a book that invites you and your fiancé to come in for a personal design session to plan the engagement ring.

Don’t Propose Empty Handed

Nobody wants to propose without something to give their fiancé, and with this new system, you can have the best of both worlds: a meaningful gift for the proposal as well as a bespoke, one-of-a-kind ring that she can design herself. The ingot included in the box will not be melted down for the ring – it simply serves as a beautiful keepsake of the proposal and can be made into a pendant or kept as-is. New gold or platinum will be used for the ring itself, and all of the diamonds and precious stones included in the box will be placed in the ring as well. Some of the stones you may wish to include are as follows:

  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies
  • Additional diamonds

When you’re ready to propose and want to be sure you get the answer you’ve always wanted, then make sure to give your lover her dream ring. Being able to design the ring together is just the first of many ways that you will work together during your marriage, and will make your ring and this time in your lives even more special.