City Sunbathing Spots


Have you ever been stuck in the City on a hot day with no beaches in sight? Were you left wondering where you could go and what you could do instead? Well, get your Oliver Peoples Sunglasses ready because we have compiled a list of the best city sunbathing spots to save you from future predicaments.

Argnzuela Park, Madrid

Looking for the best spot to relax within Madrid’s city limits? Even the locals flock to the coast during Madrid’s swelteringly hot summers. But if you’re looking for the inner city alternative to the best beaches, we may have the answer! Argranzuela Park offers something different to your average city park and it is a perfect place to relax and cool off in Madrid’s stifling summer temperatures.  The park has a trio of oval shaped water areas. Each oval area is home to a different effect, one consists of a just a smooth stretch of water, another has water jets of varying heights and the third has a cloud of water vapour. With sun loungers dotted around for those who wish to relax, it seems that this park has something for everyone.

McCarren Hotel + Pool, New York City

Locals say that when the sun comes out in New York you have one of two options. Sit inside with the AC on full blast or get outside and make the most of it. One of the best things about the Big Apple is that you don’t have to leave the city to find the best sunbathing spots. The Sheep Meadow in New York’s infamous Central Park is always a popular choice and The High Line in Chelsea is often filled with sun seekers on their lunch hours. If you’re looking for a bit of a more chilled, relaxed vibe then head to Brooklyn because the McCarren Hotel and Pool is for you and your Oliver Peoples Sunglasses. The McCarren Hotel and Pool is just one stop from Manhattan and is 7 blocks away from the nearest subway. The year-round rooftop lounge gives off an industrial chic vibe with its glass walls and holds an impressive view of the Manhattan skyline. With a seasonal saltwater pool and also a rooftop bar you can have a swim and a drink looking out over New York City.

The Bassein, Sokolniki Park, Moscow

The Sokolniki Park’s cool pool vibe is ideal for youngsters. With music blasting throughout the day and pool parties most weekends this is definitely the place to be when the sun is shining. Although The Bassein is not the biggest complex, it is well equipped for a summer’s day out. You have the choice of a synthetic beach and two pools, one of which is heated. Sunbeds are available to lounge on and if you’re feeling a bit more active then you can play table tennis, badminton and volleyball for an extra cost. With changing rooms, restrooms and a café on site you can make a day of it!

Primrose Hill, London

Hot summer days in Britain might be few and far between but we thought we’d throw one in just in case! Primrose Hill is a summit of grassy hills on the Northern side of Regents Park, London. With a height of 213 feet there are spectacular views across central London from the top. On a hot summer’s day, the hill is said to be littered with people basking in the glory of the British sunshine. Not only is it a great spot to relax in the sun for free, Primrose Hill is listed as one of the best spots in London to see the sunset. So if you are looking to make a day of it then get one of the best spots at the top of the hill to watch as the sun sets over central London. It is not unheard of for people to take picnics and even a bottle of prosecco or two! Although the sunset may fade, it doesn’t mean that you have to end your night there. You can take a stroll down the hill into the surrounding area of Primrose Hill as it has no shortage of great bars, restaurants and pubs!

Amsterdam Roest, Amsterdam

It seems that the summer of 2016 urban beaches were the new thing. With numerous cities installing urban beaches in city centres and along riversides, Amsterdam’s Roest urban beach has got a shot at being officially the coolest.  The alternative space is a post-industrial area turned into a sandy beach.  This urban beach is also used for film screenings and other various events throughout the summer; the fun never ends!

These cool, alternative sunbathing spaces means that there is no longer any reason to moan about being stuck in the City when the sun is shining- especially not when you’ve packed your Oliver Peoples Sunglasses.