Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Perfume Online


Online shopping offers what no physical store in a mall can—hassle-free and convenient shopping. Nothing beats buying your most wanted products online and waiting for them to be shipped right at your doorstep. Amazing, right?

The only downside of online shopping is that you don’t get to see, feel, touch, hear, or even smell the products you want to buy. Still, many consumers have found ways to verify the quality of goods and services before purchasing. Some resort to customer reviews, blogs, and so much more!

How You Can Buy Perfume Online Without Smelling It First

Your sense of smell is important when buying perfumes in a mall. But when you’re shopping online, your sight does all the work—it’s not possible to smell them from your computer. So, does it still make sense to buy perfumes online?

The answer is “yes” and we’ll show you how below:

1. Research, Research, and Research

Do your homework before purchasing perfume online. Research is your best friend whenever you do online shopping and, trust us, putting some effort into your research will help you purchase products you won’t regret buying.

Try to look for customer reviews, blog posts, and opinions from your friends and family. Doing this can help you get a clear idea of the perfume you want to buy!

2. Take Product Descriptions Seriously

Most people think that product descriptions are written solely to persuade you to buy the product. This is completely false. Product descriptions, especially for perfumes, are accurate descriptions of each perfume and what kind of emotions it evokes.

Reading these descriptions can help you figure out if the scent would appeal to you and match with your personality.

3. Study the “Notes” of Each Perfume

All online stores that sell perfume include “notes” at the bottom that help you figure out the theme of a specific perfume. Notes are generally divided into seven different groups or four main themes—Floral, Woodsy, Oriental, and Fresh.

Here’s a quick description of the four main themes:


Notes such as lilies, roses, jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla, and fruity floral are some examples that belong to this theme. If you’re looking for feminine scents that are subtle yet exotic, this is perfect for you!


Think of the Great Outdoors. Notes that belong to this theme include sandalwood, cedar, birchwood, etc. Most scents for men can be described as woodsy too. Perfect if you’re planning to buy perfume for men!


Bold scents that bring a sensual and exciting aura to match your personality. Notes such as vanilla, nutmeg, and musk belong to this theme. Definitely for those that want to stand out from the crowd!


Simple, clean, and elegant notes. Scents that can be described as citrus, organic, and green belong to this theme. Perfect for those looking for a youthful and outdoorsy scent!

4. Choose the Right Concentration

Fragrances come in different levels of concentration (four to be exact). Keep in mind that high-concentration perfumes typically last longer, have a more powerful scent, and are also more expensive.

Below are the four levels of concentration ranked from highest to lowest:

  1. Perfume or Parfum
  2. Eau de parfum
  3. Eau de toilette
  4. Eau de cologne

Buying the perfect bottle of perfume online isn’t that hard at all. With these steps, you can confidently choose the right perfume that fits your personality and preferences. You can even find the perfect perfume to give as a gift to your loved ones too!
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