A look into the science of Roller Skates


Skidding through with wheels on your heels can be more than just a fun activity. What if someone told you that it provides a complete aerobic workout? Medical study shows that skating burns 350 calories per hour while skating at a speed of 6 miles per hour or 600 calories while skating at a speed of 10 miles per hour. The American Heart Association recommends roller skating as an aerobic fitness sport. Thus there is more to skating than just gliding through.  The skates are manufactured by well-known designers who have years of training and that are invested in making sure of bringing forth a quality product, that are both suitable for adults as well as children and are inexpensive. The quad bearings with steel races and retainers are intelligently engineered to increase the span of your quad bearings, providing you with a much faster and smoother ice skating experience. They have synthetic lubricants and assure nothing less than gold or silver rated quad bearings. The top of the line quad wheels made of urethane function magnificently with good quality metal hubs ensuring speed, wheel flex, a good grip and durability. With the introduction of quad skates, skating has become a more balanced and maneuverable option. It is ideally suited for those who are new to skating and are particularly concerned with safety and balance, the ones who are interested in achieving better maneuverability and control, and people who are interested in specific sports activities.

The structure of roller skates includes basic elements like boots, wheels, quad bearings and breaks. Each of these elements is then customized according to the particular use for which they are designed. When it comes to boots, there has been a transition from hard boots to soft boots. Even though soft roller skate boots generally prevail, hard boots are still widely used in roller skates that are designed for rough and high-impact activities such as roller hockey. The main advantages of soft boots are their lightness and comfortable feel, whereas the hard boots provide durability and good leg fixation. The number of wheels on roller skates depends on their type. Quad-skates by definition will always have 4 wheels. In case of inline roller skates the number of wheels may vary from 4 to 6, the perfect number for the beginner being 4. The roller skates with 5 and more wheels are intended for speed racing allowing for greater speed development and maintenance. Quad bearings hold all the wheels and provide essential support. All types of roller skates are designed to have a breaking system. Quad-skates have a toe break on each boot while inline and tri-skates have a hill break on the back part of the right skate. Some skates do not feature a break on purpose. Thus aggressive skates typically come without breaks as it impedes the skaters to perform the tricks. Now days, there are a lot of options to buy from in case of roller skates. While traditional retails stores exist, online stores like FigureSkatingStore.com are preferred by majority of the population because of the variety of products available.