6 Common Wedding Dress Problems And Their Solutions


A perfect wedding dress is the dream of every bride. However, choosing one can also be stressful. Why should the happiest day of your life be stressful? Here are a few of common wedding dress problems and solutions to them.

1. Don’t Make it Leisurely

If you have found a great venue, photographer and other vendours free for your wedding date, you may think of doing the rest of arrangements at a more leisurely pace. Don’t!

Wedding dresses typically take 4 to 6 months to be made and even more time for alterations. Therefore when it’s about your wedding dress start searching early. It’s recommended to buy your dress at least eight months before your wedding day.

2. When Reality Differs from Your Dream

Since you started dreaming of your wedding, you always imagined yourself walking down a superb flight of stairs with a lovely train sweeping behind you. But the reality is that you have chosen a beach wedding and your entryway is of shells and sand.

In such a situation, you better consider all elements of your wedding including theme, formality and style. Islands may be sunny, but surely they are windy. If you don’t want to be inflated like a parasail, your dress should be of a lightweight fabric.

If the ceremony will be in a banquet hall, choose a Cinderella-style ball gown, while for an outdoor, intimate ceremony a simple gown or tea-length dress looks perfect. You can get all types of online bridal dresses Australia at Bridesmaids Only.

3. Think Twice before Shopping with a Big Group

You might naturally be excited to show your bridal dress to everyone you know including your fiancé’s aunt, your next door neighbour and past classmate.

Most wedding boutiques become crowded even if your fiancé’s aunt doesn’t join you. In that case, it’s certainly beneficial to go alone for the first appointment. You don’t have to hear condemnation from your jealous bridesmaids or the insistence of your mom for a conservative dress when you want to look hot on your big day.

So, if you want to take a big group along with you, make sure they would support you and won’t discourage you.

4. You don’t Find Changing Rooms

Even if you tried to find it behind the mirrors, between the racks of dresses, and even below the carpet to expect a trap door, you don’t find a changing room.

Understand that you can’t remain modest while shopping your wedding dress. So, choose undergarments carefully. You may have to change in front of your family members, friends and bridal consultants.

Also, when you are in the spotlight, your colored underwear may show out through an ivory or white dress, which can be disturbing. Choose neutral fuller panty and a matching strapless bra for the appointment.

5. You Forgot which Dress You Liked in the Last Visit

You liked a dress in the first appointment and are searching for it now to try it again. But you don’t remember whether it had V-neck, sweetheart neckline or square neckline. And did it have a keyhole back?

It always helps to get a photo of yourself in the dress you are thinking of using as reminders while making a decision. Also, don’t limit to only one photo. Get a full-length photo and a few close-up shots of the details.

If at all, the dress shop doesn’t allow photography of their dresses, note down the descriptions in a notebook to remember which dresses you had liked.

6. It’s not 100% Silk!

You loved a dress you tried because you looked like a goddess in it. But when you checked its tag, you found that it’s not 100% silk. What to do?

Rather than what material the dress is made of, pay attention to what is looking great on you and what you love. Plus, there are rare chances if anyone at your wedding can tell the difference between materials.

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