5 Shopping Tips For The Business Traveller


No time to shop in between hectic travelling? Use an online shopping app to get the job done quick and easy.

A jet setting life might seem exciting to some, but it can often leave you jaded and looking wrinkly as you shuttle between airports. We’ve got some simple shopping tips for you to consider:

1 Shop from wherever you may be.You often travel all over the country and even the world. Though you may be far away from your home, you are still connected via your smartphone and the Internet. If there is somebody at home to receive your mail, then they can also collect your shopping purchases. You could be sitting down for a morning coffee in Vienna, but buying new clothes online from an Indian shopping site. Now let the items be delivered to your house, awaiting your return.

2 Buy what you need online.All that travelling can leave you feeling annoyed that you don’t get any time to relax. Often, there is no time to go to the stores to buy new clothes, bags or footwear. So you can adopt the best time saving strategy – buy what you need online, from a great shopping app like Jabong. Start by shopping for a big and sturdy suitcase from American Tourister, to hold all your belongings on your trip.

3 Replace last year’s wardrobe. As a traveller representing your business or place of work, you are expected to dress in your best at all times. After all, the first impression is a lasting one, and you want to make a good start before you meet associates and new clients. This means that you can’t sport last year’s tired trousers and shirt styles – go online and browse for the season’s newest styles in clothes and shoes. Every season, keep refreshing your wardrobe so that you always look and feel your best at work.

4 Stock up on skin and hair care products. All that travelling can take a toll on your health. The first signs of exhaustion and stress are often seen in the skin and hair. You will notice an increase in facial lines and wrinkles, and your hair may become dry and start to fall. Since you are constantly travelling, you need to present a fresh and glowing visage. When shopping for clothes and shoes online, also stock up on good quality skin and hair care products. Look for skin and hair serums, cleanser and moisturiser, sunscreen lotion, hair oil, leave-in hair conditioner and mild shampoo.

5 Learn smart packing hacks. As a frequent traveller, you are used to lugging around a suitcase full of clothes, shoes and other necessities. But did you know that a few simple packing hacks can help you create more space in your suitcase. Helping a roomy suitcase with many compartments – American Tourister has many options – certainly helps. Learn a few smart shopping hacks to create more space for your things.