5 Brazilian Bikini Wax Tips You Should Know


I am going to be honest with you, getting a bikini wax is not fun and games at all. You should really prepare yourself psychologically for some stinging pain during the waxing and even afterwards. For those who do not know what a bikini wax is, it is a method of removing pubic hair that lasts longer than ordinary shaving.

A Brazilian bikini wax is done from the front and goes all the way to the back. It usually comes with an added butt strip. This type of waxing is most favorable for nude looks but some girls prefer to leave a strip or at times even a triangle at the front.

Here are some tips you should consider before and after getting a Brazilian bikini wax.

  1. Size of the pubic hair:

Do not be like most women who shave before getting a Brazilian bikini wax. Most of them do not know that wax cannot pick up very short hairs. The pubic hair should be trimmed to about 1/4 of an inch. If you trim it too low then you will have to wait for it to grow a little so as the wax can pick it up. If you are unsure of its length then you can just let your spa know you will need some trimming.

  1. The time of month:

You should really avoid scheduling your wax session a few days before your period, 3 to be precise. When you are almost on your period the skin is usually soft and very sensitive. Chances are the experience would be more painful during this time.

  1. Be clean:

During a Brazilian bikini wax, the lower part of your body would be fully exposed. I know it is obvious but a reminder is always good, take a thorough shower that day. You do not want any awful smell coming from you because of poor hygiene. Your attendant may be even too uncomfortable and give you a poor service.

  1. Wear loose clothes:

As i told you before, waxing is very painful. Your skin is often left sore and irritated. You will look like a plucked chicken after it. It is always advisable to wear loose clothes after getting waxed so as to minimize the friction of the waxed area. If the area is left undisturbed, the irritation and soreness may even go away within a day.

  1. Use soothing cream:

I highly recommend application of hydrocortisone cream after getting waxed. It rarely reacts with the skin and calms the itch and inflammation very fast.